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Testing on humans reaps Harvest Bars!

01 October 2012

Here at Tasti we never stop coming up with new ideas. Our test kitchen is constantly churning out new product concepts and one of perks of being a Tasti employee is getting to be a guinea pig. In our line of work we thoroughly encourage testing on humans. 

Surprise find delights Kiwiest Kiwi

From the Wanganui Chronicle – 04/01/13

Fragments of eggshell were an ominous sign something was wrong. The fact that each year 95% of kiwi chicks in the wild die, with half the losses attributed to stoats, also supported the assumption that the former inhabitant of this egg had been the victim of predation.

Such was the scene at 2am on December 18 and Daniel McKechnie and his wife Teana tracked kiwis in the Maungataniwha Forest, between the Te Hoe and Waiau rivers in northern Hawkes Bay, while claiming the prize Mr McKechnie won last month for his tattoo, a Kiwiana-themed map of New Zealand. The tattoo, applied to Mr McKechnie’s back in early 2012, was the winning entry in Tasti’s search for the ‘Kiwiest Kiwi’.


Are you NZ's Kiwiest Kiwi?

10 September 2012

Do you like tomato sauce on everything? Wear your shorts and jandals all year round, even when you’re pulling lambs out of snow drifts? Can you cook a pav in a hangi? Well you might just be the Kiwiest Kiwi.  To celebrate 80 years of being proudly NZ owned we’re searching for the most New Zealand of New Zealanders to come on a real Kiwi adventure with us.

#TastiTasters Go Nuts over New Peanut Butter Meganuts!

19 September 2012

When Meganuts needed a new flavour, our Tasti experts thought long and hard about it. What goes well with peanuts? After much brainstorming we finally came up with the answer – more peanuts! Introducing our brand new Meganuts Peanut Butter!

Tasting is something we take very seriously at Tasti – we’ve got our name to live up to after all. This was our first project using our special online consumer taste panel – the #TastiTasters. The #TastiTasters were recruited through Twitter for their willingness to put their taste buds on the line. Our #TastiTasters lend us their fresh taste buds to taste and rate our development samples and make sure all our new products live up to our Tasti Taste Guarantee. Reckon you’d be up to the challenge of being a #TastiTaster? Why not join us on Twitter for your chance to join the team?


Tasti Unveils New Ads!

11 September 2012

To celebrate our packaging change earlier this year we thought it was time we did some ads to tell people all about Tasti. We sat down and thought about what we wanted our customers to know and one thing stood out – 80% of people had no idea that we are a kiwi company. Now we have our new black ‘Proudly made in NZ since 1932’ logo we want to go out and make sure that everyone knows we call New Zealand home.

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