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Tasti Unveils New Ads!

11 September 2012

To celebrate our packaging change earlier this year we thought it was time we did some ads to tell people all about Tasti. We sat down and thought about what we wanted our customers to know and one thing stood out – 80% of people had no idea that we are a kiwi company. Now we have our new black ‘Proudly made in NZ since 1932’ logo we want to go out and make sure that everyone knows we call New Zealand home.


Unexpected Find Shows Maungataniwha Key for Whio Survival

03 July 2012

A team of river-rafting conservationists were surprised to find a thriving population of endangered Whio in the Maungataniwha Native Forest in the inland Hawke's Bay. Whio, also known as the Blue Duck, are found on the $10 note and are classified as nationally vulnerable with a scattered population which is thought to be in decline.




Trust’s 100th Kiwi Chick Released by Rachel Hunter

12 February 2012

Takamoana, a one kilogram juvenile male North Island brown kiwi, was released into thick bush in the Maungataniwha Native Forest on the weekend by New Zealand model, actress and mother Rachel Hunter. Takamoana was named after an influential local Maori chief in the 1800s, Karaitiana Takamoana, who was also the great-great-grandfather of Simon Hall, executive Chairman Tasti Products Ltd and the driving force behind the Forest Lifeforce Restoration (FLR)Trust.


Miracle Winter Kiwi Arrives at Maungataniwha

03 July 2012

Frisky kiwi have baffled the experts by mating months out of season, producing a healthy egg which is due to hatch any day. Ecologist Dr John McLennan said less than 2 per cent of kiwi eggs were laid in autumn. He was shocked to discover the egg in Maungataniwha, in the mountainous back country of the Hawkes Bay. "That means these little critters are going to hatch in the middle of winter in the worst of conditions."


Tasti: 80 Years Young and Unveiling our Birthday Suit

This year Tasti turns 80. It's a big milestone and to make sure we look our best we've shouted ourselves a whole new wardrobe. You'll see we've even changed our logo to celebrate our kiwi heritage; proudly NZ owned since 1932, we reckon that's something worth talking about.

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