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Hemi’s story of the Tumeke MegaNuts

5 November 2014

Here at Tasti we get a few people calling our customer services team and most calls are pretty routine; it’s not often that we get someone calling with a really great idea.
Back in September 2013, Hemi, who was smashing a MegaNuts bar at smoko, had a brainwave that we should make some Kiwiana flavoured bars and call them ‘Tumeke’. He called Tasti to let us know and the team thought Hemi’s idea was awesome. We came up with 3 different Kiwiana flavours: Coconut Rough, Choc Orange (JAFFA) and Hokey Pokey and we wanted to call Hemi to thank him for his idea but we didn’t have his contact details or even his full name!

All the flavours were delicious so we decided to let all our Kiwi fans pick which kiwi flavour they loved the most. We launched all three flavours in one big ‘Tumeke’ pack and asked people to vote on Facebook for which bar they wanted to be the next flavour of Meganuts. We also used Facebook to try and track down Hemi and we created a ‘Chur Hemi Fund’ so that we could raise money to reward Hemi if we did eventually find him.
We had almost given up hope of finding Hemi when one week before the end of the voting campaign, he appeared from the wilderness after his mate read  a newspaper article about our search for him. Hemi dropped in to the Tasti office to meet us and shoot a video interview. That post was one of Tasti’s most popular and most viewed in all of Tasti’s Facebook history!

A couple of weeks later, we travelled up to Hemi’s ‘office’ in a forest in Northland, with the Tasti Honesty Box. Hemi was given his reward of $500 cash from the Chur Hemi Fund and about $1,000 worth of Tasti bars! A great reward for an idea at smoko and a quick phone call.

But the adventure wasn’t over! Tasti helicoptered Hemi down to the Forest Life-Force Restoration Trust property they help fund in Maungataniwha to release 3 Kiwi chicks and collect 2 Kiwi eggs. Hemi’s life-changing story was then published in the NZ Woman’s Weekly edition on 26 October 2014. What a journey!

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