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 #TastiTasters Go Nuts over New Peanut Butter Meganuts!

19 September 2012

When Meganuts needed a new flavour, our Tasti experts thought long and hard about it. What goes well with peanuts? After much brainstorming we finally came up with the answer – more peanuts! Introducing our brand new Meganuts Peanut Butter!

Tasting is something we take very seriously at Tasti – we’ve got our name to live up to after all. This was our first project using our special online consumer taste panel – the #TastiTasters. The #TastiTasters were recruited through Twitter for their willingness to put their taste buds on the line. Our #TastiTasters lend us their fresh taste buds to taste and rate our development samples and make sure all our new products live up to our Tasti Taste Guarantee. Reckon you’d be up to the challenge of being a #TastiTaster? Why not join us on Twitter for your chance to join the team?

Fortunately the #TastiTasters loved it so we can bring to you – the nut loving public – Peanut Butter Meganuts in all of its nutty glory. Packed with peanuts wrapped in a salty peanut butter caramel with just a touch of milk choc, and at 40g it’s easily one of the biggest nut bars in the market. Peanut Butter Meganuts is perfect for busting a massive hunger and available at all good supermarkets in New Zealand and in a new 12 bar Value Pack in Woolworths Australia.


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