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 Testing on humans reaps Harvest Bars!

01 October 2012

Here at Tasti we never stop coming up with new ideas. Our test kitchen is constantly churning out new product concepts and one of perks of being a Tasti employee is getting to be a guinea pig. In our line of work we thoroughly encourage testing on humans. 

We’ve been coming up with a lot of new products lately – Peanut Brownie Snak Log, Nut Deluxe Nut Bar, Peanut Butter Meganuts… there’s never been a better time to be a taste tester. Now we’re as nuts about nuts as the next kiwi but we like variety in our diet so we sent our Innovations team on a quest to bring us something different – something light and fruity, a little bit homemade and packed full of the finest grains.

After much taste testing here’s what we came up with - the Harvest Bar. The test kitchen samples were so good that we ate them all, leaving us no choice but to make them in the factory so we could get our fix. Our Harvest Bars are a delicious mix of the best oats, coconut and cornflakes with a good sprinkling of fruit through to keep it moreishly moist, perfect for afternoon tea. We've put together three fruity flavours:  Fruits of the Forest; Apple and Cinnamon; and Apricot, all available from good supermarkets New Zealand wide from 1st of October.

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