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Tasti Unveils New Ads!

11 September 2012

To celebrate our packaging change earlier this year we thought it was time we did some ads to tell people all about Tasti. We sat down and thought about what we wanted our customers to know and one thing stood out – 80% of people had no idea that we are a kiwi company. Now we have our new black ‘Proudly made in NZ since 1932’ logo we want to go out and make sure that everyone knows we call New Zealand home.

We reckon we’re pretty kiwi. We’ve been here in NZ for the last 80 years , we started making NZ’s longest selling muesli bar back in the 70’s and we employ over 250 kiwis (the people, not the birds) at our site in Te Atatu Peninsula in West Auckland. We even help breed Kiwis (the birds, not the people) down at Maungataniwha in the Hawkes bay.  

So when we set about doing an ad campaign we wanted something that was overwhelmingly Kiwi. We sat and brainstormed all of the kiwi icons we could think of - Shrek the sheep, chocolate fish, the Shotover Jet, the pink and white terraces, rugby, KZ7, a really big tiki, bungee jumping and a mountain dressed up like a pavlova. We’re pretty kiwi but in true modest kiwi fashion we have to say we’re not quite as kiwi as all that.

We’re running our ads in NZ’s most popular magazines, online and on our Facebook page.  We hope you like them, we think they’re pretty choice.

Click here to see our ads – Goodnight Kiwi on a Moa, Maori Doll Whale Rider and Bungee Shrek

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