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Are you NZ's Kiwiest Kiwi?

03 July 2012

Do you like tomato sauce on everything? Wear your shorts and jandals all year round, even when you’re pulling lambs out of snow drifts? Can you cook a pav in a hangi? Well you might just be the Kiwiest Kiwi.  To celebrate 80 years of being proudly NZ owned we’re searching for the most New Zealand of New Zealanders to come on a real Kiwi adventure with us.

Since 2006 we’ve been helping to save the Kiwi at Maungataniwha and you could get the once in a lifetime chance to come and give us a hand.  You and a mate will head to the Maungataniwha Forest in the Hawkes Bay (if the weather’s good, you might even get to go in a helicopter). You can choose to either help save kiwi eggs from predators or release grown up kiwis back into the wild – you’ll even get to name your very own Kiwi!

While you're there you'll have a chance to be even more Kiwi by driving four wheelers, clay pigeon shooting, checking predator traps and hunting (possums, fossils and even some kiwi poo).  Does that sound like you? Enter here to win

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