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Tasti Launches Nuttiest Nut Bar Ever

Our Tasti Nut Bars have been helping hungry kiwis for years and we are proud to announce a new addition to our range, made with love on the Te Atatu Peninsula for all the nut lovers out there. Nut Deluxe, a delicious blend of the finest peanuts, hazelnuts, cashews and almonds, is officially the nuttiest nut bar in the Tasti range.

Naturally with so many nuts something has had to give. "We crammed piles of nuts into the recipe, and then we thought about it and we took all the fruit out and swapped it for even more nuts." said marketing representative Debbie, "this is our first nut bar without any fruit in it. It's a big call but we reckon true nut lovers will agree; it tastes amazing".

Nick, Product Development Technologist and creator of the Nut Deluxe was unable to comment on the nut-packed deliciousness of the new bar as he had his mouth full.

We at Tasti would like to thank the supermarket merchandisers of New Zealand who'll be flat out keeping shelves stocked when the bars launch in April. Naturally they'll be needing the protein and energy kick they'd get from a delicious Tasti Nut Deluxe to keep up the good work.

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