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Tasti: 80 Years Young and Unveiling our Birthday Suit

This year Tasti turns 80. It's a big milestone and to make sure we look our best we've shouted ourselves a whole new wardrobe. You'll see we've even changed our logo to celebrate our kiwi heritage; proudly NZ owned since 1932, we reckon that's something worth talking about.

At Tasti we're really passionate about making the best bars and baking bits out here on Te Atatu Peninsula but to be honest we've been so busy doing what we do that we haven't spent much time telling anyone. Even without us really saying anything lots of kiwis have become big fans of our products because they love the taste and we think that’s the most important thing of all.

We could have kept going like we were – making the tastiest stuff around and letting people find out about it on their own. Until we did some research to talk to the people who buy our products. Just as we thought, people loved our products but they hadn’t really heard of 'Tasti'.

So we told them our story and how we started out in 1930's New Zealand with two friends building a new business in the depression. We told them we were still completely New Zealand owned, we told them we make all our bars in our own factory in Auckland, we told them we are the largest manufacturer of muesli bars in NZ and we told them we even like to help out with the Kiwi and other conservation projects.

And everyone was surprised. They couldn't understand why we hadn't shared such a great story. So here we are, 80 years on with a brand new look and a mission to get out there and tell people what we've been up to. We think our new look says something about who we are - a group of kiwi's who use the best ingredients to get the best results. There's not much to add and we think that's a good thing.

Here's hoping that the next 80 years are just as good.


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