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07 May 2015

Here at Tasti we are very proud of our snacking range. Whether you’re after a fruity morsel, or perhaps something nutty, we have a delicious snack for you and the whole clan.

Our team is always working very hard to create some new & exciting. This time we have developed something for those gym bunnies, a deliciously satisfying NEW Dark Choc orange protein bar. Not only it it’s a delicious chewy nut bar but packed with extra protein to keep you fuelled up at work or play.

When you crave a nut bar chocka full of goodness try our NEW Tasti dark choc cranberry. It’s a delicious bar filled with naturally delicious ingredients bursting with nutty protein and energy to keep you going on your favourite adventures.

But wait a moment, as promised we have launched your favourite Tumeke bar, Mega Nuts Coconut Rough. It is loaded with energy and provides you with a satisfying crunch, of peanuts when you’re super hungry.  It is crunchy and moreish, to quell a mega hunger and packed with plenty of energy to keep you in action!

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