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Peanut Brownie Snak Log

We love our Snak Logs and we still make them largely by hand the same way we did back when we started in the 70's. So when we decided it was time to make a new Snak Log we took our time and made sure we got it right.

We reckon we've cracked it with the Peanut Brownie Snak Log. It's a classic combination inspired by a kiwi favourite, chock full of peanuts and cocoa and all the energy kiwis expect from the iconic Snak Log.

Peanut Brownie has become a firm favourite with the team here. We reckon it's a good sign when we're in danger of eating all the samples. Creator of the Peanut Brownie Snak Log and guardian of the samples, PD technologist Candice had to step in and make sure that we didn't munch our way through our small trial run of product.

Luke from the marketing team has a theory on it. "They're stuffed full of nuts and seeds so you can fuel up before the gym or even just give you an energy burst at the end of a long day so you can run around with the kids when you get home. And they just taste so good, that's why my samples keep disappearing and why the Snak Log has been a kiwi favourite for over 35 years."

Now that these power packs of Tastiness are hitting supermarket shelves in April, everyone will be able to get their hands on a new Snak Log Peanut Brownie.

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