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A large part of our business is developing and co-manufacturing nutritious snack bars for other companies, so we’ve invested heavily in the required plant and facilities. We supply our nutritious snack bars as Private Label to nearly every supermarket chain in Australia and New Zealand. We also co-manufacture for a number of internationally recognized brands.

R&D Resource

We have a fully equipped and staffed research and development facility to provide products to your specific requirements.

State-of-the-Art Production

Our factory is in a modern facility with high-capacity European made production lines. These are fully automated and designed to deliver the highest quality result however different and innovative your requirement.

Low Cost Producer

We are a highly efficient producer, supplying high quality products at very low cost. It's what enables us, and our customers, to be extremely competitive in international markets.

Long Term Customer Relationships
and Confidentiality

We have a long history of satisfied customers. It’s because we do more than satisfy their ongoing requirements: we work in partnership. Our approach is proactive and our performance can be relied upon in all aspects of our business relationship, including guaranteed confidentiality.


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